Goodbye Malaga/Hello Paris

Lt the airport I was hungry so I got a cheeseburger from Burger King along with fries and a coke. Almost eleven euro. That’s almost $15 US!!! Ryan Air makes everything as complicated as they can. They charge you for everything – the flight, a seat, checked baggage, online checkin and a notification charge. At the airport you are supposed to get a stamp on your boarding pass that says someone has looked at your passport. This is supposed to happen at the counter that says “bag drop”. Went to the counter that had the words bag drop above it and after standing in line for twenty minutes the guy says n you have to go on the other side of the area and get it stamped and then come back. We did that and then he checked and stamped our boarding pass. He then told us we had to walk down several hundred feet and drop Dale’s checked baggage. After completing that task we then were trying to find out what next. Very hard.  Everyone gave a slightly different answer. Next was security, didn’t have to take off shoes. We then waited at area D for half hour until it was posted as to which gate we were to leave from. As soon as it was posted we went to the  gate and they were loading it appeared. Got our boarding pass checked and then we all waited about twenty minutes inside the little tunnel that takes you to the plane.  Atleast we thought it was to the plane. At the end of the tunnel we went down stairs and walked out to the plane. Haven’t done that for thirty years. Flight was good but paid 4 euro each for a coffee. Nothing free on Ryan Air but the tickets can be really cheap. Arrived in Paris at about 7:30 and took a one hour shuttle bus to Paris for 16 euro.  Then we took a taxi from that area to the hostal. The taxi was almost 15 euro. The jerk of a taxi driver would not tell us the approximate price of the trip. We asked very politely,  how how much to the hostal. He kept saying on the meter, on the meter. We said yes but ABOUT how much – 10 euro or 50 euro. He said on the meter, on the meter. He opened door and said in,  we said no and started to walk off and he said “about 15 euro”. We got in and all the way to the hostal he was on his phone with the speaker on, talking to someone about us – kept saying “on the meter” and laughing. Very irritating. Our room at the hostal was better than I thought. It was two twin beds and had a shower and sink – no toilet for 60 euro.  We decided we would take the hop on hop off tour bus today so we could see most sights. It was going to be about 25 euros apiece but was the cheapest way we could see stuff. Took a taxi for 10 euro to the closest place we could start the bus. The bus driver was neither rude nor friendly but I think he took the long way to the area we wanted. After getting out of the taxi we found there was a notice that the tour bus would not stop there today due to a planned demonstration that we did not see. Decided we had walked the Camino, so we could certainly walk to the Louvre and the Eiffel Tower. Saw lots of beautiful buildings, walked thru the Louvre area and then down by the Seine River. Paris is EXPENSIVE so when we saw a sign for hot dogs at 4 euro and hamburger for 3.80 euro we stopped for a bite. Again we were polite, not loud Americans. The coffee was small and cost almost 5 euro each (no refills) and we both asked for SMALL order of french fries. Dale was charged an extra 1.50 for the cheese and my order of fries was charged as a medium order and Dale’s the large. Our bill for a “quick bite” came to 31 euros (43 US). By this time Dale is getting irritated with Paris and costs. When I said I still needed to get a couple souvenirs, I added a lot to the irritation. We decided that since we hadn’t taken the hop on/off tour we would take the one hour cruise on the Seine. Started to rain and we had to buy umbrellas (more irritation). The cruise was great but raining and much of the Eiffel Tower was in fog. It did not appear that Dale wanted to take a third taxi so we walked back to the Monmarte area. Passed the Moulin Rouge on the way. Appears that it was only about three miles or less. Knowing that we had taken that first taxi this morning for only a third of the way to the Louvre area, we ended up feeling he had driven around to run the meter up before dropping us off. More irritation. We are back at the hostal and will probably see a church near here in the morning and then try to make our way to the airport for the flight to Iceland and home tomorrow. If we didn’t already have enough irritation today, Dale got an email from our storage unit where ALL of our belongings are stored. The message was that they had noticed that our lock was missing and they put one on. Didn’t say whether our stuff was missing or not. Guess we’ll find out this weekend.

Paris is beautiful but we evidentally did not learn patience on the Camino. 

We fly home tomorrow, have a quick day trip planned, a doctor’s visit and then the Camino pics will be sorted and posted. Sorry that we didn’t figure this out before we left. Would not recommend the Chromebook unless you really know computers. By the end of the weekend or Tuesday at the latest pics will be uploaded.

1 thought on “Goodbye Malaga/Hello Paris

  1. WOW !!!!!!!!! you just confirmed to me why I never want or care to see Paris !!!!!! Just like I told you it’s $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ there, not just the money but why do they have to be rude?. I will just watch Rick Steves for my European travels !! ha ha ha ha. Well you still had one great trip can’t wait to see the pictures.

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