The past week in the sun!

The German boys that we had enjoyed talking to did not come back after kite surfing!

My lump is still about the same size or slightly larger.Decided to wait till I get home to have it checked. Would be a bummer to find out you have a cancerous tumor while on vacation.

Over the last week, we have visited the beach almost daily, the Alcazaba, the Castillo de Gibralfaro, the many gardens and markets. The Alcazaba is the palace/fortress of Malaga’s Muslim governors from the year 1057. The views from here were beautiful looking out over the harbor and the downtown area. The Castle also had good views and dated from the 8th century. Not much left of the interior but the exterior walls are still intact.  The Alameda and promenade have well tended gardens with every type of tropical plant. We have walked up and down the beach and tried many of the small restaurants. Most of the time we are borrowing the beach umbrella from the hostal and taking our grass mats to the beach right here in front of the Melting Pot Hostal.  Yesterday we walked to the large indoor market. Rows and rows of fresh vegetables, fruits and fish. It was very clean and the prices were unbelievable. For 2.26 euros we got four large tomatoes, 2 cucumbers, 2 onions and 2 oranges. On the way home we stopped and got the makings for nachos. Shared them with a couple people here at the hostal. Very delicious.  We only have three days left in Malaga!  Then a couple days in Paris and home. Our flight from Malaga to Paris leaves us at the Beauvais airport. It’s outside of Paris and not sure how we are going to get to Paris from the airport but it is not a close airport. Tuesday is our wedding anniversary. We will still be in Malaga in the morning but then take the flight to Paris in the afternoon. Hopefully we can have a glass of wine in Paris after we get there. Our place in Paris is real romantic!!!  Tee Hee! Two bunk beds in a hostel!! Paris is very expensive. It’s almost $60 euros ($85 US) per night. About he cheapest we could find.  

Going to spend the afternoon on the beach.

I would highly recommend that each of you interested in the Camino, read Bill Bennett’s blog. The address is  

When you get to the site you can choose to read older posts starting last Feb. before his walk, during his walk and post camino thoughts. He has also written an ebook about his time on the camino. I am not very far into the book as spending more time than we should be spending on the beach. However, it is a VERY good book that no one thinking about the Camino,  planning to do the Camino or just wanting to read a very good book, should miss. As a movie producer, director writer, etc ; Bill is a very engaging and articulate writer. The book makes you feel like you are right there walking with him. You can feel the pain right along with him and experience  the funny times too.  His blog will tell you where you can obtain the book but I know it is on Amazon in the kindle books. It’s called The Way, My Way.  Five star book!!!


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