Another day in the sun!

While in Santiago, Idisovered I had a lump in my left breast. It was then about the size of a walnut. I have had a lump in the  past and it turned out to be a non cancerous cyst. We thought we would see if it changed and then decide what to do. This morning  it seems to have gotten a littl larger and is slightly sore. Dale was up before me and had gotten directions to a clinic  . We took the bus and arrived at the clinic around 10 am. The receptionist did not speak English but found someone in the back tht had a few words. His words were  basically “Go to the hospital in Malaga”. We have  heard from other people that when not on the Camino they want you to deposit money at a bank before they will treat you. We have insurance but to get reimbursed is evidently hard. Spanish people do not pay. There health care is free. Visitors sometimes are required to put up a deposit. We decided since I have had a lump before that turned out to be non cancerous, that we would wait  until Monday and see what happens. We cannot change our tickets and putting up a deposit would leave us short for the remaining days. We took the bus back from the clinic and as the bus started to highly smell of an electrical fire/problem; we were all told to get off the bus. Waited about 20 minutes and got the next bus back to the hostel. 

Put bathing suits on, got ice for our drinks and spent the afternoon on the beach.It is 89 degrees today. Hot and sweaty. Watched cruise ships and freighters come and go. Turned another shade of brown. Nine more days here. Had a late lunch/early dinner on the beach. I had an octopus salad and french fries washed down with a large glass of Sangria. Dale had baked sardines that looked disgusting (heads still on) but he raved about how good they were. About every 100 yards on the beach is a small restaurant with inside and outside seating and beach chair/hut rentals. They are inexpensive and very good.Gonna lay here on a lounge and read a friends ebook on the Camino. Tomorrow will post how to read his and another blog as well as more on his book.  It is excellent so far. Very engaging writer. You all need to read his blog and book.

1 thought on “Another day in the sun!

  1. OCTOPUS SALAD, that is just not right !!! BAKED SARDINES, well no thank-you !!! Give me TacoTime or Burger Master, good ole American Food !!! I know everything is fresh there, but still.

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