Did some sightseeing today!

Decided to take a little walk tis morning and t ended up being an all day adventure. Went up to Gibralfaro Castle today. Top of a hill/mountain and it was a long hot walk. No packs though so easier. It was beautiful. The stonework and arches and flowers were just gorgeous. The views of the city, mountains and sea were spectacular. Coming down you pass city cared for garden after garden full of flowers, fountains, statues and of course my favorite – PALM TREES. We even saw some birds that Dale said were parrots. We also saw bananas, limes and olive trees. We did not go to the Alcazaba today but will next week. We decided to walk back home along the Alameda near the cruise ships.We were, of course, approached by a ticket seller for an hour long cruise in the bay. It was only 10 euro each but we said no and kept walking. He came after us saying 8 euro and a free drink and we went for it. Best 8 euros we’ve spent. As we went out into the bay there were dolphins everywhere! t was so much fun! Just got back to the hostel and took a refreshing shower. 

Dale just informed me that the bottle of rum that he had in the fridge in a non see thru bag, labeled with our name is gone! Can sure tell we aren’t on the Camino anymore. No Pilgrim would ever think of stealing anyones personal items. 

Tomorrows plans are the beach all day!

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