Laying in the sun!!!

Went to a market today and spent 26 euros. For this amount we got fingernail polish, polish remover, two mats for the beach, a bottle of pepper, a pair of sandals for Dale, sun tan lotion and after tan lotion. We did amazingly well. Still at the Melting Pot Backpackers Hostel. This is a great place. 8 euros. Breakfast is included which can be cereal, coffee, tea, orange juice, toast and jam and croissants. Free coffee, tea and chocolate all day. AND IT IS RIGHT ON THE BEACH with PALM TREES and SAND and BLUE WATER!!! Only bad thing is twin beds and two to four other people in the room. Last night I had a top bunk for only the second time of the whole Camino.  Think we are going to stay here the whole two weeks and just make some day side trips. Can’t beat the price. The hotels can be nice but this way we cans pend more on sights. It rained this morning! Ten minutes and it was done. Could hear thunder for awhile and then it poured but just as quickly it dried up. We can see cruise ships coming in to port from our balcony. Two docked right now. After the market, we spent the afternoon on the beach. Had good tans from the sun on the Camino but trying to even out the white areas versus tan. Well it’s almost eight PM and going down to see what’s for dinner. They serve meals here a lot later than the USA.

2 thoughts on “Laying in the sun!!!

  1. Hey there, just saw this , we are having computers problems !!!! Enjoy the warm weather, for fall has come to the NW !!! How far is the rock of Gibraltar from where you are ?? can’t be to far, couple of hrs. ??? that would be an awesome side trip. Well enjoy your time on the beach

    • Had thought of going to the rock of Gilbraltar and across the Strait to Morrocco but there was a warning to all Americans to stay out of Africa just before we left and funds are dwindling. Gonna just stay on the beach here and enjoy the sun as I know we have 7 months of rain to come home to

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