We’re in Malaga!

We had a great dinner with John and Bill but first shared a couple of pitchers of Sangria at the Parador. Very good. Dinner was good but the company was better. Next day we did laundry at the laundromat and visited some parks. Being over 60 we got a 40% discount on our train tickets to Malaga. Ended up we didn’t get to go through Sevilla as planned but changed trains (as well as train stations) in Madrid. At one point we were going 300 kilometers per hour on the train. That’s 180 mph! Countryside whizzes past. Much of the countryside of Spain could be eastern Washington except some of the crops are different and no stick built homes. ALL of the homes in Spain ar stucco, brick or stone with either tile or slate roofs. They use the materials they have and as noted on the camino they have a multitude of stones. Spain also impresses me with their use of wind turbines and solar power. The people conserve. They don’t use air conditioning and clothes dryers are not plentiful with most preferring to dry outdoors. Also, everyone has a garden. Fruits, vegetables all are fresh with no toxins or hormones to increase production like we use in the USA. 

We left Santiago at 9:05 AM and arrived in Malaga at 7PM. The hostel we stayed in last night was okay. Dale didn’t like it . We  walked around the city center for awhile and went to bed early. This morning we left early and came to The Melting Pot Hostel right on the beach. 8 euros each and includes breakfast. We actually have sheets and a towel. The view out our room is spectacular. Palm trees, banana trees, bird of paradise, sand and water. The Mediterranean Sea is cold but good for cooling down in as it is around 85 or 90 degrees. Going to lay around for a couple days and see some sights. 


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