Plans are changing

Night before last we went to the &PM mass again to see the botafumerio swing. Aunt Vera went with us and a little stayed behind. She is going to like it there. It is a most beautiful cathedral and getting to watch the botafumerio swing through the air often will be great. While there we saw Dale #2 and Marie but we already had plans for dinner with Gil, Juliet, Bill and John.  Met them for dinner and ate and drank for over three hours. I had paella (of course) and some fish brochettes with Santiago cake for dessert. We had red and white wine with dinner and afterwards they brought out three containers and a bunch of shot glasses. One bottle contained Kahlua, another the yellow/green stuff they had in the movie “The Way” and the last container was clear and tasted like hay. We finished off the first two bottles but no one had more than a teaspoon of the “hay”. After dinner we all strolled back to the square in front of the cathedral and took pictures. It was all lite up and looked like a fantasy castle. Absolutely gorgeous. It was a most amazing evening with now very good friends. 

Yesterday we just hung out mostly at the hotel as it is raining and cold. We were trying to make decisions as what we want to do for the next two weeks. We have made some decisions. The cold and the rain and my knees and feet have made the decisions a little easier. We are done walking. Even if we only went 7 miles a day I would have a hard time. My knees are dying and my feet complain every time I put on a shoe. I am very disappointed but I have seen much of Spain by foot and we are now looking forward to a lounge chair on the Mediterranean Sea. Our flight to Paris leaves Malaga on October 15th. The flight was originally only 19 euros. Ended up 100 euros for both of us by the time you paid for a seat (not sure what the nineteen was for) and baggage. Our thoughts are now to go to Seville and spend a night or two and then on to Malaga and lay around for ten days. Have looked up hostels and found some very inexpensive ones in Malaga that look nice. 

Aunt Vera lived her last years in Arizona so I think she’ll enjoy the coast of Spain. We’ll make a ceremony at the beach and leave her ashes in a pretty spot by the sea.

Looking forward to NON Pilgrim food and drink. It looks like it will still be warm in Southern Spain. I have hauled a bathing suit all over Northern Spain and not used it yet. A couple albergues did have pools but by the time we got there we were so tired we did not use them.

We are staying another night at the pension we are at in Santiago. For any of you that are coming this way you may want to consider this pension. The name is Pension Beltran. It is 15 euro for a single and 25 euro for a double. Very clean, small pension. Bath is shared but the price is great. There is a panoramic view from the large bathroom of the cathedral. The lady that owns it is about 50 and was born here. Her grandmother owned it and it has passed down in the family. Only about two blocks from the cathedral and pilgrims office.

Again, I am disappointed that we are not going on but it is another 100ish kilometers to go to both Finisterre and Muxia and my feet and knees just can’t do it. We will keep posting our travels and upon returning home, we will upload many of the over 2000 pictures we have taken. Also a short video of the botafumerio swinging.

Gil and Juliet left last night for Madrid and we are having lunch/dinner with Bill and John at four. Going to take a tour of the cathedral and look at some parks.

2 thoughts on “Plans are changing

  1. Don’t be disappointed, you have walked ALOT farther than I thought you would !!! Your knees and feet are saying enough already. Looking forward to TWO THOUSAND pictures LOL ha ha ha, Pat and I will have you over to dinner and show us the picks and tell all about the trip !!! If time allows, Melissa said Barcelona is Beautiful, with great beaches,she spent almost a month there and when off the boat, they would go right to the beach. The Med is beautiful I would think wherever you go will be wonderful, just to be OFF your feet will be great. Keep posting your up dates !!!!

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