We made it!!! Saw the botafumeiro swing!!!!!

Didn’t sleep much last night. Kind of excited. Short walk this morning.  At 6:30 this morning it was raining HARD and the wind was really blowing but by 8 when we left it was just cloudy and looking like rain. Decided to stop for a coffee and my PGS (Personal Guidance System-thanks Bill) must have been working as one minute later it was pouring down rain. Finished our coffee and the rain was finished too. A few minutes later we were in front of the Cathedral. Decided to quickly find a room as it was startingg to rain. Got a nice pension for 25 euro and decided to stay two nights. Hurried back to the cathedral just in time for mass. At the end is when the botafumeiro ceremony is done. I will post pictures and a video when we get home but it is a HUGE incense burner that takes 8 men to get it swinging high up from one end of the cathedral to the other. It is awesome to watch. The original idea was to rid the cathedral of of stink of the unbathed pilgrims. It was worth every mile we walked just to see the ceremony. There is another ceremony tonight at the pilgrims 7PM mass and we are going back. Also my Aunt Vera passed away a few months ago and my cousin Frannie gave my sister and I a small capsule of her remains to place where she would like to go. Some of them were placed at a casino she liked to visit but some of her ashes are going to mass with us tonight as she has “walked” the camino with us. The rest of the small capsule will go to Finisterre. I think she’ll like that. This afternoon we had a great meal and then went to the Pilgrim office and got our compostellas (certificate of completion).  It appears there are about 1000+ people a day completing the journey although most only start in Sarria (100 kilometers back). We started 800 kilometers back. Since I don’t have to get up at 6:30 am tomorrow for the first time in 6 weeks, I am going to stay up and add up how many kilometers we did actually walk. We have had a couple taxi and bus rides due to illness, injury. It’s close to 400 miles. Will be closer to 500 by the time we get to Finisterre and Muxia. While at the pilgrim office we ran into the people we saw at the Seattle Tacoma airport when we were leaving. They had just finished the trip as well. We keep running into many people we have met. Many remember us STILL from Dales header into the stone bench. Three stitches and abraised face!! What a way to make yourself famous on the Camino. Only person we haven’t seen lately is Peggy. Maybe over the next few days! Looks like our hot weather is about to end. Rain for next five days or so.


5 thoughts on “We made it!!! Saw the botafumeiro swing!!!!!

  1. Wow how exciting for the two of you ! ! ! ! I looked up Botafumerio Catedral de Santiago Compostela on you tube , that was AWESOME and to think you are right there watching, didn’t know Aunt Vera was there as well ! ! ! Congratulations what a trip

  2. I am so happy that you have got to see all that you have seen. I am also very glad that God Blessed you both to endure all of the pain and trials you have encounered during your walk. I can not wait to see the pictures and the video that you will post when you get home. May God Bless you both during your final days and may you get home safely

  3. Hey Lyn,
    Congrats to you both !!!! You knew my hesitancies when you were planning the trip, and I am so glad it has been everything you wanted it to be. Am also glad the mishaps did not spoil your enthusiasm and that you were able to continue the journey.
    Am so looking forward to getting together with you when you get home. Talked to Nancy Kelly and family and told them of your trip. They just sold their place in Redmond and moved to Woodinville about half an hour from my place. I’m sure they will be eager to see your pictures also. Have very much enjoyed following your journey. Stay safe.

    • Hey Nancy
      Plans are changing. Writing this before I post. Leaving Santiago tomorrow and heading south for sunshine. Going to be in Seville for a day or two and then Malaga area for about 12 days. Much warmer there. Cold and rain in Santiago, Finisterre and Muxia. Still haven’t added up the miles walked but I think close to 400 and my knees and feet are done. I believe I remember you saying you liked Seville. Any reccomendations on things to do and eat? Then we will be going to the Malaga area as that is where our plane leaves from to go to Paris. Going to lay on a lounge chair with some Sangria and let my body recoup.

      • Lyn,
        Seville is to me what Spain looked like in my mind. Totally full of atmosphere and architectural beauty. I remember that the chapel in the Cathedral was the most beautiful chapel I have ever seen anywhere. I also loved Malaga, but at both places just did the regular tours. I remember my friend from Spain told me while in Spain to try the potato omelets, but I’m sure at this point you have had many.
        Since my friend is also following your posts and we have discussed them, I have asked him for suggestions for the rest of your time in Spain and will keep you posted or I told him he could also respond to you directly.
        Have a wonderful time.

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