Portomarin to Salceda-TWO DAYS TO GO!!!

In Portomarin we decided to get a quick bite and then sleep. Walked up the street to one of the many sidewalk cafes and whom did we see but South Africa an Vancouver BC.  Had dinner with them and went back to get some sleep.  Next day went to Palais de Rei and stayed in an albergue. Tried to get some dinner but no one served food between 4 and seven – siesta. We ran into Marie and Dale number 2. Decided we would meet in Santiago on Friday. We are still having a wonderful adventure. The countryside is beautiful, cows are plentiful, vegetable gardens everywhere and pilgrims every inch of the way. Many of the “pilgrims” seem to take buses part of the day and show up later with all there jewelry on and hair nicely fixed.  Yesterday was short on walking. We arrived in Melide and got a private room. Went for pulpo.  Pulpo is octopus and Melide is supposed to be the best town to get it in. I have been telling everyone that my guidebook says to eat it at Ezquiel’s for the best. So what did we do? We ate it at the first place we came to and it wasn’t very good. Some girls came by and asked us about it and we have them a bite. We ran into the girls today and thy said they went to EZQUIEL’S later and it was delicious. Should have followed my own advice. We way overslept this morning and didn’t leave Melide until 10AM.  Sometimes you have long stretches between towns with albergues. That was the case this afternoon. We ended up walking 25 kilometers to  Salceda and stayed at Pousada de Salceda. I had the receptionist at our hotel from last night call and reserve 2 bunks for us but something got lost in the translation as we ended up with a private room. 40 euro versus 12 each for a bunk. Would highly recommend this place. Beds with sheets and blankets, towels, soap and very friendly owners. The restaurant is good also. Dale was slightly upset once he found out we were walking 25 kilometers. All he could say all day was we couldn’t stop for food as it would make us be walking in the dark as I walk so slow. We ended up walking nine hours and got here at 7PM. Had a shower, ate a good meal and am now heading off to bed. Going to meet several people in Santiago and imagine we’ll have some sort of celebration.TWO days to go! Then Finisterre, Muxia and Malaga then Paris.

This has been extreely hard wlking the distance that we have. Up mountains and hills, down mountains and hills and then doing it over again the next day and the next. BUT, it has been worth ever ache and pain. We are having the time of our lives. The people we have met are wonderful. The sights extraordinary, the food good. The walking hard but I have lost weight and inches. (The walking wouldn’t have been so bad if I didn’t have burcitis and foot issues). Would highly recommend the Camino. The weather has been mostly good. Some days have been in the nineties which is too hot for walking. Today we had a couple sprinkles ut should have rain the day we arrive in Santiago.


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