Fonfria to Portomarin

The dinner at Fonfria was exceptional. We stayed at A Reboleira. Double room was 26 euro. The room was ice cold but had a radiator that we turned on. For dinner we walked down to a round thatched roofed place across te street. It was still prt of the complex. We had Galacian soup which was very good and plentiful, wine, bread, wine, a meat stew type dish, wine, Santiago cake and more wine – all for 9 euro. All the food for about 50 of us was made by the lady that runs the place. The Santiago cake is on or list of things to make when we get home. Yummy! When dinner was starting, the music played sounded Celtic/Irish. We found out that Celtic roots are in Galacia. Nex morning breakfast for Dale was an omelette and coffee. I had two pieces of Santiago cake and coffee. The area is beautiful. Lots of trees and farms. We decided to take an alternate route and visit the Benedictine Monastery in Samos. Beautiful walk and a great viewpoint of the monastery before entering town. We were the last pilgrims of about 70 to get t stay at the monastry. One of the volunteer hospitalerios was from California. We took a tour of the monastery with beautiful cloisters and murals. There were fires in 1537 and again in 1951. The fire in 1951 was caused by the distillery blowing up. Benedictine Brandy is now made off site. The photos of the fire showed much destruction. We were supposed to get to hear the chanting at ten PM but a death in the area caused 20 of the 22 monks not to be there so it was canceled. Very disappointing. Ran into friends from South Africa and Vancouver, Canada at dinner. We ordered cheeseburgers and fries!   The owner and cook assured us they would be good and they sure were. The fries though don’t come with anything to dip them into. Tartar sauce is not available nor ranch dressing. Could possibly get catsup. Left late next morning but wanted to catch up with Gil, John and Bill as Juliet was to arrive. Not many pilgrims took the detour. Got just outside Sarria and emailed Gil to find out location. No answer. Went into Sarria and figured we would get something to eat and find them. We were taking a picture of the 50+ steps we had to go up with our packs  on when two guys started waving and messing up our picture. Gil and John!!! It is so weird how in  a town you all of a sudden run into people you know. We left our packs with Bill and ran t get something to eat while John and Gil picked up Juliet from the train station. Wasn’t looking forward to walking up all those stairs with my pack. Didn’t have to. As we finished eating here comes Gil with his pack on his back and mine on his front. We have made such good friends on the Camino. Dale and I had already walked 15 kilometers but we then went on to Barbadelo which was another 4 kilometers. We had  made reservations before leaving Sarria.It is now very crowded with many pilgrims walking the last 100 kilometers to get a Compostella. We arrived at the albergue in Barbadelo which is Casa Barbadelo and found that our roommates were the lady from South Africa and her daughter and son in law. Small world. This place was woderful. Almost like being at a resort. We had towels, abed with sheets and blankets, a really nice bathroom and a good bar/restaurant. After several pitchers of Sangria with both groups of friends we went in for dinner. I had salad and paella. Dale had lentils and paella. DELICIOUS! This morning we left just befre dawn and had a very hard day. Almost 12 miles today and again it was uphill,downhill all day. We ran into Marie and Dale from a couple weeks ago as well as several people I don’t remember that come up to Dale and ask how his injury/face is. 70  15 year olds from Madrid passed us today and when they heard Marie and I speaking English they were so excited to talk to us in English. We found out it was over 90 degrees today. No wonder I was having a hard time. 90 in the shade is hot but we walked in the sun most of the day. I am scared of heights and the bridge into Portomarin is high and long. Made it across and then climbed a bunch of stairs. We took a bunk in the first albergue that was in our path. Going to get a bite to eat and go to sleep.

3 thoughts on “Fonfria to Portomarin

  1. Glad all is well things are good at home. Whatever happened to Peggy do you ever see her anymore? Sounds like you have met slot of neat people along the way.

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