Quick update

Just a quick update as the WiFi (WeeFee) is not good here. Keeps shuttin off. We have been trying for two hours to connect and buying drinks while we try. I don;t think i am in good enough condition ro write a proper post.  We are in O’Cebreiro, 151 kilometers to go. We have been walking and tomorrow we are going to do a short day, get WiFi and catch you up. We have run into people from the beginning and having a great time. We’ll be in Sarria in three more days and then the last 199 kilometers and our Compostella. My “D” lasted 7 days but I am fine now. Getting tired of the same food over and over but we are now entering Galcia and think the food may change. Promise we’ll catch you up tomorrow. Sometimes our choices of accommodations have not had WIFI and other times we have partied with old Camino friends or just been to tired to update.  We are having a great time but getting tired of walking. The movie did not show how hard this is, nor did it show that most of the terrain is mountains!!!!

3 thoughts on “Quick update

  1. Glad you are having a Great time! ! ! ! A few set backs here and there, Oh well the important thing is your Doing It and almost finished, you have seen and been places where most of us never will . go soak your feet and will talk later ! Denise

  2. Hi Lynda – you and Dale are almost there. You can almost “feel” Santiago now, I’m sure! You’ve had an amazing time so far, and I’m sure this last stretch will be just as incredible.

    Having got to the top of O Cebreiro, be comforted in the knowledge that the worst is over!!


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