Villar de Manzarife to Astorga

Nineteen miles today and it was so easy!!! Four of us took a taxi!!!!  We made another friend – Colleen from Australia. She has massive amounts of bedbug bites andneeded to get to an albergue with a washer and dryer to clean her clothes and then kill any bugs or eggs in the dryer. She had decided to take a taxi and we tagged along to help her and my diarrhea was back and i knew I couldn’t walk the nineteen mile stage. Kat has tendonitus  and was told by a doctor this morning that she needs to stay off of it for atleast three days. Since all four of us want our compostella we are trying to figure out how many days of walking we can do to get to Santiago and how many stages we will have to bus ahead. I am very disappointed that I haven’t been able to walk the whole thing. I thought 60 days would be enough but it really isn’t 60 days once you take off the travel time, the extra days in Saint Jean and the travel at the end. Ends up more like 48 days we’ll have. That would be more like doing 2/3’s of a stage each day and the days we’ve walked have been more like 1/2 stage.  Yesterdays 13 miles nearly killed me.  I have resigned myself to the idea that when completed I will have “done” the camino But not “walked” the camino. I will no matter what walk the last 100 kilometers and get my compostella.

I have complained about my feet, knees, tailbone, hips, diarrhea, flies and heat but we are above all having the time of our lives. It is so wonderful to meet people from all walks of life from all over the world.  99% have been wonderful! The sights we have seen have no comparables in the USA. The food is getting tiring. I do not want to see another bocadillo (french bread with ham and cheese- not as great as it sounds). The paella is generally very good and we are going to get a paella pan when we get home and perfect the dish. Dale is a great cook and will be able to enhance the dish.

Today we are in Astorga. Taxied out of necessity. At one point the guy was going 180 kilometers on a potholed road. We thought we were going to die. After getting here, Kat and Colleen both saw a doctor and we then checked into an albergue. Dale and I visted Gaudi’s Palace and the church. The outside of the palace is gorgeous – looks like a castle but the inside was less than a palace but still worth the 3 euros to get in. The church was also good. Looks of artwork and the museum had many originally pieces. We do want to go to the Chocolate Museum later. Mmmmmm. They do have samples. We are fixing our own salad tonight and am being told it is ready.


1 thought on “Villar de Manzarife to Astorga

  1. Lynda,
    Don’t worry about how you get there. Getting there is what is important.

    I don’t use the guidebook when I walk the Camino. I am comfortable with walking 10 miles per day, so my stops are figured on 10 miles. Sometimes it’s a bit less, sometimes a bit more; but for me it is doable. I do stay in Casas Rurale so I can book ahead and know where I need to be by the end of the day – trust me, I will take a taxi or bus to that destination if needed.

    I learned last year to let the Camino guide me. It is a wonderful guide and before you know it you will be in Santiago.


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