Short update

Not only have my feet seen every rock on the Camino, I have visited every bano (bathroom) in the last three days. Diarrhea is especially not good on the Camino. You can’t walk as there aren’t bathrooms in the fields and vineyards and I am not about to squat in the fields where a pilgrim may pass by me any second. Will update later but we hve bussed gain and have been in Leon for two nights. Beautiful city and some very nice bathrooms. We are back to having a very good time and I will update soon. Running into people we started with or met along the Way. Beautiful country but i isn’t a walk in the park. Most of Spain in the Camino area has mountains and hills. Going to sleep now and will catch you all up soon.


5 thoughts on “Short update

  1. Lynda,
    I had the same problem last year. Finally I went to a farmacia and purchased a little box of pills called Fortasec. I took one pill in the morning for a few days and that took care of the problem.
    I still have some of those pills and you know they are packed in the first aid kit for this Camino.
    I learned my lesson not to leave home without them. Hope this helps.

    • Thank you soooo much! We were stuck in a town we didn’t like as much as others, the buses don’t run on Sat an Sunday, we got behind, lost our new found friends for a few days plus diarrhea. Have been taking some little blue pills but they aren’t working too well. We bussed ahead yesterday to Leon and spent last night and tonight in a great little place jut a few blocks from the cathedral. It’s the San Martin Hostal. 39 euros for the two of us and 22 for a single. If you stay here, ask for number 8. Your own bathroom and a park view. Our friend had that room. Nice. Will get the Fortasec in the am. We are going to walk tomorrow and I am not going to eat other than sips of Gatorade. My rear is raw. What day to you lave?

      • Lynda,
        I leave Sunday morning.
        Thanks for the recommendation of San Martin Hostal but……………
        Almost hate to put this out there for all to see, but I have pre-booked a room in the Parador in Leon for 2 nights. I have promised myself I will love, love, love this Camino and am treating myself to this little luxury.

      • Good for you Arlene!

        It will be something to look forward to!

        I don’t regret one bit the two nights I stayed in the Parador at Santo Domingo.

        Worth every euro!


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