Catching you up

Five nights ago Dale and i stayed t San Bol and Kat and the Canadians walked on. I really wanted to stay there but it was sad to see Kat leave. At San Bol there is a large pool of water to soak your feet in and it is believed to cure your feet of any ailments. Worked for about 18 hours until I started walking. San Bol used to be a hippie place and just recently got water and electricity. The bed was 5 euro each and dinner of paella and salad was only 6 euro including wine.  We had two beds upstairs until two frenchmen showed up. The dining room is in the shape of a beehive.I have pictures which as you all have noticed – aren’t posted. All the “help” Dale has gotten doesn’t seem to work. We  cannot get the pictures from the camera to the computer or “cloud”. This Chromebook is not easy to use. 

We left San Bol in a drizzle and could hear thunder. Short time later it was sunny. We passed San Anton which has a church started in the 11th century. A high arch over the roadway still exists and many of the walls and niches. It is very surprising how many of these old churches still exist. Soon we were in Castrojeriz.  The first bar/cafe seemed expensive. 14 euro for two stale sandwiches and two beers. By eating here it also caused us not to get a place in the albergue that we wanted. The one we did get was only 5 euro but was as good as most and had loud snorers. Went out for not so great pizza. Thunder and lightning all evening and huge downpour of rain. Had to be out by eight next morning and I had developed diarrhea during the night. Could not leave the bathroom most of the day and could not walk this day.Got another albergue at noon and slept most of afternoon while Dale walked around town. Still sick. The loudest snorer ever during night. Dale sat up all night as he could not sleep. First thing Monday morning we walked to bus stop. No buses on Sunday or we would have left then. Ended up taking a bus backwards to Burgos and then forward to Leon. A long bus ride but few direct routes.

By the time we got to Leon, I was feeling sick to my stomach and still had the “D”. We ran into a couple we had met the first day of walking. Dale and I took a taxi as we didn’t know how far to hostal/hotel and I didn’t feel good. We clearly said San Martin Hostal but he took us to San Marco Parador. About $200 difference in price. Eventually, we arrived at the hotel. Who was registered in the room across from us but Kat. 62 hotels and albergues here and we end up across the hall from each other. We saw th cathedral today, walked by the river, went to the parador for pictures and stopped at a few sidewalk cafes and restrooms. Beautiful city. We (Kat included) have decided to walk tomorrow even though I still have an issue of diarrhea. Going to stock up on more pills tomorrow and hope for the best.  Kat’s feet hurt and if tomorrow isn’t better she may quit.

I am not going to quit. I feel bad that we have taken a few buses but th injuries and illness have put us far behind . we have about 20 days to get to Santiago and then some left for Finisterra and Muxia.

Plan to walk about 12-15 miles a day from now on. I am going to need feet replacements when I get home. I will also need a new wardrobe. I hve really lost weight. 



3 thoughts on “Catching you up

  1. Lynda – good for you and Dale that you’re keeping going, given all that’s happened.

    And what a shame you can’t post any photos.

    Amazing coincidence you staying in the same place, across the hall, from Kat. That’s PGS at work!


    • Yes and today we walked into an albergue in Astorga and found Kevin. He was the grandpa from Australia that we met on our first night. His wife Sue, son Brad and grandson Jessie were walking with him. Have wondered where they were for last three weeks. Going for a drink later and catch up.

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