Days 16 & 17 Dale’s famous on the Camino

We are so slow on the Camino. Taking 2 days to do one stage but the bus ride the other day was 45 miles and put us back with some people that we had been with before. For the last few days, people have been coming up to us and saying “you must be the guy that fell and had stitches in Cirauqui” or we’ve heard about  your fall”.  Many people come up and tell Dale how much better he is looking. Many of these people I don’t remember but all remember Dale’s head. I’d say at least 100 people have come up and have said how much better he looks. I’m doing the writing know and Dale has found a guy that has explained how to get the pics  so maybe you will have some pictures in the next 24 hours.

We left Villafranca  Montes de Oca around eight am after a good breakfast and proceeded UPHILL then UPHILL then downhill and uphill. Soon it flatened out but kept on going around another corner and another corner. Sweltering hot. 85 to 90 but in the sun with no shade it feels like 190 degrees. Soon we came to a gentle slope downwards with many sunflower fields and the town of San Juan de Ortega in the distance.  Dale decided to carry my pack again for  a few minutes (mine on his front an his on his back). BEST HUSBAND EVER!! We met Kat and have been with her now for two days. Nice lady from California. Stayed at the monastery (5 euros). First thing after checking in was a Cerveza, then another and another.  When arriving in a town always best to get your bunk first  before quenching your thirst. We haven’t been turned away yet.

Another item to keep in mind when on the camino is to always stock up on money when you pass an ATM. The Camino does not have an ATM on every corner like the USA. In fact most of these little towns do not have ATM’s.Kat loaned us $50. The people on the camino are so nice.Waited two hours for dinner and then found out they had run out of everything and we ended up with a baguette and cheese. It was filling but not what you wanted after not eating all day. Went to bed early and got up early. Kat’s feet and mine are still hurting. We took a bus after walking a few kilometers. We are now in Burgos. Gorgeous city! We are going out for tapas so I will catch you up tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “Days 16 & 17 Dale’s famous on the Camino

  1. Where are the pictures? I want to hear more about the wines too! Are most of the red wines riojas (tempranillos)? have you seen much albariño?

    Keep up the blogging! I love you both!


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