Day 18

Yesterday we were in Burgos. The cathedral is unbelievable. Not only is it huge, it is absolutely breathtaking. The spires are very intricate, the artwork is spectacular; the whole place is just extraordinary. Kat, Monica from Montreal, Dale and I  took a little tour on the “Choo Choo Tren”. 4 euro for 45 minute tour of Burgos. Could not believe the price and the amount of sights we saw. Best tour ever!.  We ate and drank at about four outdoor cafes. It is so hot!!!!! 

This morning Dale and I went to the museum of the evolution of man. We wanted to go to the dig at Atapueraca  but not enough time and the whole tour was in Spanish. The museum was great, lots of bones and artifacts from the dig. Kat bought new hiking shoes and a new backpack while we were out. 

We met at 1 PM and “cheated” a bit again today. We don’t feel like we are cheating anymore. If you’re feet just won’t walk 15 miles a day because you have shin splints, swollen feet, heat rashes and shooting pains, etc; you can take a bus for a bit and we have decided it is better than quitting and going home. We took the bus to Tarjados and then walked a mile to Rabe. The town is is small and we are having a good time at the bar. Tomorrow we are going to walk about 9 miles to San Bol. Hoping to stay at San Bol. It’s the former hippie place that is in the shape of a beehive.

Supposed to rain tonight.

Time for dinner!


2 thoughts on “Day 18

  1. I didn’t take the train last year. But I surely plan on it this year, thanks for the great review!
    You are not cheating, don’t think of it that way, You both are doing phenomenal!

  2. Greetings Dale and Lynda. Congratulations on your amazing stamina and resilience. You have faced many challenges yet you are still smiling, still posting, still walking. Good on you.
    [ I leave Oz in 14 days time]

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