Day 14 and day 15

Went to the bus station this morning and found that a bus had just left for Belarado and since it was Sunday few buses and we had to wait until 5:15 PM. We decided to go back to the sidewalk cafe that we ad been to twice yesterday. Had a pitcher of Sangria and Dale had some vino tinto. I ordered a “fish taco”. I got a couple pieces of bread and a bowl with oil, onions and tomato on the bottom and a piece of fish on the top. Not the fish taco I was expecting but very good. Tried to hook up to the free WiFi (We Fe) in the park but was not going to happen. Enjoyed an ice cream cone and window shopping. I have never seen so many sidewalk cafes in a town. Every block has several. 

Caught the bus to Belerado and spent the night at an albergue. Very good meal. Paella, fish, salads, deserts and very good company at our table. An Australian, a Scottish man and South Carolina. Our roommates gave us some Voltaren which I believe is an antiinflamatory. Hoping it works on my hip, knee, feet pain. Had a good breakfast and out the door around eight. It’s already daylight and we should have left an hour ago.

Gotta make this quick . Dale just informed me that everyone in our room is asleep and the lights are out .It’s 8:50 PM. We only walked about seven miles today but it was tiring and hot. Again uphill downhill. We passed many sunflower fields and wheat or some type of grain . Tonight we are in Villafranca Montes de Oca. Five euro for a bunk. 12 euro for a fabulous three course meal including wine. 

We have passed a lot of Crape Myrtle, Hollyhocks and Four O’clocks like my Grandma Smith had in her front garden.



4 thoughts on “Day 14 and day 15

  1. Lynda,
    Did the Voltaren work?

    I love the talk of wine – it was such a joy for me to have wine with my meals and was surprised that it was included in the meal.

    For this upcoming Camino, my thoughts are already rushing to the wine – oh, wonderful vino tinto 🙂


  2. How far did you take the bus? I remember all the flowers in Grandmas front yard ! ! Sure wish you could post some pictures, the country sounds so beautiful ! ! ! ! !

  3. Hi Lynda, Have been enjoying your posts so much. Have been sharing them with my good friend Carlos from work as he was born in Spain and still owns a condo over there.
    Toward the end of your route is the town where his Dad was from. He is enjoying your posts as much as I am and I can’t wait to see your pictures and get together with you when you get home.
    Nancy Moehring

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