Day 13 and morning of 14

First, I need to apologize for all the typos in last entry. I need to proofread before entering!

Thank you all for the inquiries on Dale’s head. He appears to be fine. The scabs take up a large part of his face but he is good. Supposed to go to a doctor in a couple days and take stitches out but being stubborn and a former medic in the Air Force in Viet Nam; he’s going to take the stitches out himself!!! Ouch!!!

We stayed in Viana night before last in an albergue. It was okay. Waked around town for a bit and went to bed early.

We walked 9.2 kilometers yesterday (a little over 5.5 miles). Walked into Logrono. The last mile I had excruciating in the back of my left lower leg. Sat at a rest stop and made a painful decision. We are only on Stage seven and it has taken 13 days and my feet HURT! We have decided to take a bus a few stages ahead. I think we will bus ahead to Belardo. That’s about 45 miles. We have already walked over 90 miles (my feet can tell you about every rock and pebble).

Spent the night in Logrono. ery nice albergue for 10 euro each. Our bunkmates are two brothers from Barcelona. Very nice.We are in   a corner room and have a view of two streets. There was a wedding last night and the bride was walking right below usin a beautiful wedding gown. A band came up the street. It was great. Showered and went out for tapas and wine. This is the capital of the rioja region of wine. Dale is very much enjoying the wine.

When the camera dropped  in the river (only got slightly wet) something happened to the sequence of the pictures.Dale has a few random pics loaded where we can get to them. Will load later today. Wish we would never had heard of a Chromebook. Easy for me to type on but hard for Dale to figure out how to upload pics.

Gotta go catch a bus.


3 thoughts on “Day 13 and morning of 14

  1. The more I read the more it sounds fun something maybe to do with the kids a few years down the road hunter at this age would complain the hole way. Glad you are taking the bus a few miles to give your feet a rest. The kids say hi of course still up and enjoying their last few days of summer before school starts.

  2. Hi Dale and Lynda.
    You are certainly having an interesting time. From your blogs, it sounds tough, but I admire your resilience and focus. Pleased that Dale is continuing to recover. Hope you get the pictures sorted soon. Would love to see some of them on your blog.
    Keep walking. Remember, one step at a time!
    I leave in 3 weeks time to walk from Leon. Getting nervous!

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