Day 10,11,12

Sometimes there is no wifi (wee fee in Spain) and other times you are just too tired to write. We left Estella late around 8:30 and wound our way up the hills. Soon we came to the Irache  wine fountain. On one side of the font there is a free water spigot and on the other is a spigot with free wine. As it was early in the morning the font had not been refilled and we only got a couple tablespoons of wine. Just as well. Today we only walked 9.2 kilometers. It is sooo hot and we go up hills and down hills and then up hill s and down hills. Much of the paths are dirt withvarying sizes of gravel and rocks. The big sharp chunky rocks are very hard to walk on. We arrived at VillaMayor de Monjardin about one in the afternoon. Decided to stay at Hogar de Monjardin . With beds, dinner and  breakfast it was 44 euro altogether for both of us. I liked the dinner but Dale din;t care for it as it was not as good as passed dinners.Shortly after wearrived I decided to climb up to the castle behind the town. Dale said I was crazy to doit  in the heat but I love castles and it was my opportunity. I picked up a key to the castle at the bar and proceeded upwards. In my left hand i had water bottle of water and in my pocket I had MY VERY OWN KEY TO A CASTLE, atleast for a couple hours. The climb was only 2 kilometers but the mountain was straight up. Very hot. Used most of my water on the way up. Once there, the castle took up much of the peak and left little room to get around the edges. Do to my fear of heights, I could not go on the right side as the path was narrow and the drop was steep. On the left the path was wider and I was able to get around to the entrance gate. Somewhat dissappointed as it was more like the ruins of a fortress but at the moment I was the only one there and i had a key. Was only able to see a couple dungeon type rooms and many walls. Not many areas had a roof. Outside there is a large bell. I rang it four times but Dale said he did not here it. I relocked MY castle and left.  The walk back was easier and Dale met me to walk the last half kilometer. The views from the top are spectacular. Since you are on the top of a mountain you have 360 degree views. Gorgeous. The castle is Castillo de San Esteban if you’d like to check it’s history. Dinner was a salad, pasta with some sort of sauce and pudding. Always there is wine. We sat across from some Swedish ladies. Didn’t see Peggy all day. The room was so hot all night that we didn’t sleep much.

Yesterday we did 22.1 kilometers. The last five miles were in the extreme heat of the afternoon. We went from Monjardin to Torres del Rio. We have passed thru vineyards, olive groves, seen almond trees, wheat fields and beautiful countryside. We be much more pleasant if my feet didn’t hurt so much. I can deal with the pain from bursitis in my hips but your feet have to pound the ground all day. Back in April my doctor said I would never be in shape to do 500 miles. He was right but I’m doing it anyway. Yesterday, as we were walking down the trail we turned to find atleast 200 sheep coming our way fast. It was great. The sheepdogs knew their job and herded them where they were supposed to go. We stepped aside to let them go by .We had a great lunch in Los Arcos near the end of town. Large sidewalk/square cafe with view of the catedral and the arches to the city. Dale had a yuimmy Fried calamari on a baguette and I had a seafood paella. Dale had vino tinto and I had a glass of sangria. Total 13 euros. Dale gave a 2 euro tip and she acted like she had never had a tip before. Not much tipping done in Spain. Last night we were in the Casa Mariela Albergue. 7 euros each for a bunk and 3 for breakfast. Had a pizza and more wine for dinner in a local bar. Last night we froze all night. 

Today we only went 10.7 kilometers. Very dissappointing. My feet HURT and it is so hot we knew we couldn’t go another 9 kilometers to Logrono where the next albergue is. Staying in a nice albergue – Izar for 8 euro each. We will go explore soon and find dinner.

Pictures are coming. Dale has been able to load them to somewhere in “the Cloud” and we will be uploading soon. 

It’s great to see your comments. As you open the site some will see a little balloon that you can hit on to make a comment or some I’m told have a comment box at the bottom. If all else fails most of you have our gmail address. 

151.5 kilometers so far. A little over 90 miles. Minus about three miles from the ride the Polish people gave us and the few kilometers from the taxi after Dale’s accident.

If we had to go home today for any reason I am so proud of myself and Dale that we have walked over the Pyrenees and up and down the foothills. The scenery here is spectacular. If my feet and hips were better we could go faster but at this pace we are seeing everything around us.


8 thoughts on “Day 10,11,12

  1. Last year I flew right by most of the sights. I was so intent on keeping to my schedule.

    After I was home and starting following others’ blogs, I realized there was so much I hadn’t seen because my head was down watching the path and hurrying along. I do not remember even catching a glimpse of the castle you spoke of in this post.

    I start again in two weeks and this time I will be taking many pictures and slowing my pace so I can see the sights around me.

    So good for you, take your time and enjoy the sights.


  2. Hi Lynda and Dale, Wow this trip sounds so BEAUTIFUL, also alot of hard walking , but your doing it ! ! ! Good for you both Dale do you still have a headache ? ? ? Pat and I are in Whistler , Canada took the chairlift up to the top and then went on the peak 2 peak gondola we were up about 2,000 ft. At first had my eyes closed( like that was going to help ) ha ha ha, on the way back down the chairlift We saw a Bear, very cool ! ! Can’t wait to see all your pictures, take care and watch your step DALE !

  3. Loving this report! I found out about it from my daughter-in-law, Lindsay,whose sister Tara apparently is your daugther’s friend. Anyway, Lindsay and I leave on Oct 2 to start our own walk, atlhough we are only able to walk from Sarria to Santiago due to time constraints. I would love to have the opportunity to walk the whole Way. We will be in Santiago from 10/9 to 10/12. Looking forward to reading more of your wonderful posts. Buen Camino!!

      • How much training did you do prior to beginning the Camino? I am trying to get some mileage in. I walked 9 miles Sunday and hope to get that up to 13 miles. The last week or so I will start gradually putting more weight into my backpack until I get it to the weight I will be taking with me. Keep up the good work — I am really enjoying reading your blog.

      • Hi
        Was working a lot so didn’t train as much as we should have. Several times a week with a 12lb pack for five miles.I don’t think more would have helped. I just have bad hips and feet.

  4. Good to hear from ya this morning! Sorry to hear about your feet. I can only imagine as I walking 8hrs in one shift wearing somewhat heals and how my feet hurt!!!
    I can’t wait to see pictures, I can only imagine what you guys are seeing over there. The sheep in the fields, villages, and different kinds of people sounds like a good adventure to me. xo

  5. Sorry we keep missing your calls but working graveyard im sleeping when you call normally don’t work Fridays but I worked until 4am last night. I cant wait to see the pics I hope you got some good ones of the castle I Love Castles. Hows Dale and his head injury hopefully better. Hunter lost another Tooth that makes two now. Glad to see you are still enjoying the journey looking forward to pics

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