Day 8 and we’ve had an accident.

We left Puente La Reina bright and earlier and are both feeling stronger. We were both disappointed in MY choice of albergues there as it was the last one AFTER  the town and up a steep hill. Once we were up there we din’t want to go back down and up again. Also, much was closed on Sunday. Anyway it is behind us and many more ancient towns to go. We made good time to Cirauqui where we had coffee and a bocadillo (baguette with ham and cheese) with the girls we sat by at dinner last night. Earlier we had figured out they were not German but Polish and were the girls that had given us a baguette when we were so hungry a few days ago. As we were finishing here comes Peggy. Talked for a bit and off she went.

The village is beautiful. Small narrow streets with lots of balconies and window baskets with bright flowers. Just gorgeous. We both love America but have mentioned quite often that we could see ourselves living in Spain. Up at the top of the town you round a corner and there is a building with wonderful arches, stonework, a detailed crest and a square. Dale was so immersed in looking at the architecture that he missed the step up and started to trip. Not be able to stop he fell hitting his head on a solid stone bench. As the blood started flowing and I was yelling for help, two fellow pilgrims on bikes and another walking came over. Luckily the doctors office was twenty feet from where Dale landed.  The doctor came out and stopped the bleeding and everyone carried Dale and  our backpacks and stuff into the clinic. Minor scrapes on the leg, some good size scrapes on the nose and cheek but three stitches to the forehead. Prognosis for tomorrow is two black eyes and swelling. Total cost for the stitches and dressings? ZERO. Spain is so great. If we would have had to pay what an emergency room visit in USA would have been, it would probably have ended our camino. We took a taxi to the town where we had made reservations and Dale is now lying down with icepacks on his head. He will probably have a permanent souvenir of the Camino. The cut was pretty deep.

The albergue we are staying in is 600 years old. It is really so exciting to visit all these plaes. Dale is insisting that we will walk the amount tomorrow that we had planned. I think we will either ship the packs ahead (used to think it was cheating but now feel it may be a necessity) or do just a short day. Estella is just up the road and after that the wine font. For those of you that aren’t familiar with fonts on the way, every so often there is a water  fountain. However, just after Estella there is a font that has two spouts – one with red wine and the other water, all free.  Looking forward to a sip!

Had read a few days before we left that 1149 pilgrims had received a compostella (certificate of completion) in Santiago on just one dy in August. To get this certificate you have to walk atleast the last 100 kilometers. We are walking 800 (minus 3 miles and 7 miles). We have been arriving late in the day and only had one problem getting a room. That was in Pamplona. I had wanted to stay at the Hemingway hostal. I think my only reasoning was the name. That was where we were dropped off when we hitched a ride. They were full but called a nearby pension that had room. Don’ think I said much about the pension in Pamplona but we were a little leery when we arrived. The first two floors had a lot of scaffolding and it looked like it might not be safe to go upwards on the stairs. It was fine. As we walk each day we are seeing some of the same people, it just takes Dale and I longer to arrive. Since everyone passes us we should know the count of how many afre in our area.Tee Hee. There are a lot of bicyclists and walkers , some with packs and some that have sent their packs ahead.  There are many pilgrims but I would not say it is crowded.

HAVE I SAID LATELY THAT WE ARE HAVING A GREAT TIME (with the exception of Dale’s accident).

Dale is still working on the picture thing but I have a lot of good pics including his stitches!!

He’s been icing his head for awhile and now wants to walk around this village so will probably update later tonight.


1 thought on “Day 8 and we’ve had an accident.

  1. Hi Dale and Lynda,

    With so many unbelievable sites around it is hard to keep your eyes on where you are putting your feet. And then adding to the surroundings distracting us, the pack throws our center of gravity askew. I’m glad to hear Dale will be okay though.

    Take it careful and slow and enjoy all the wonderful sites while being mindful of your footing.

    Here’s a tip – try to arrive at the wine font after 9 am. I got there early and the wine font only dispensed a drop at a time (it was near empty). Later down the trail, I was told I arrived before the winery opened and the dispenser had not yet been replenished.

    Ultreia y Vaya con Dios!

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