Day seven

This is going to be short. It’s 9 PM and I’m beat. Also, writing this by headlamp in my bunk. Left again this morning before sunrise and climbed up to Alto de Perdon where the Pilgrim statue at  the top of this page is from. There are also some 40 wind turbines along the ridge providing electricity. We also passed sunflower fields, many gardens, fields of some types of grain and many stacks of hay. The vistas are breath taking. Again today, everyone passed us, we passed no one.We both feel stronger and will probably start to increase our daily mileage.We only went eight miles today but this is no walk in the park. Most of the paths are covered with large sharp rocks. It seems  like they have placed them  there to make it harder for the Pilgrims. My ankle/leg pain is diminishing and I don’t think I mentioned it before but about three days ago I went to sit on an embankment and thought I was closer to the ground than I was. Bruised my tailbone. Today is first day I can sit without wincing.

Peggy left this morning a little before us and we did not see her today.

Tonight we are in Puente la Reina that has a six arched romanesque bridge. Very beautiful. The albergue we are at has a pool but by the time we got here we were so tired we just took a shower, had dinner and are now in bed. Arlene, do not stay at Gite Ultreia in Saint John when you get here. A lady next to me at dinner tonight was there four days ago and woke up with massive bed bug bites.

Each day it amazes us to look back at the horizon and see how far we have come. This terrain is not easy to navigate. I thought Spain had a lot of “plains” ? We had a light mist this morning and donned our ponchos. An hour later the sun was blistering hot.

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Lynda and Dale

6 thoughts on “Day seven

  1. Lynda,

    I’m starting in Logrono, but thank you for the heads up anyway. I’m sure it will help another follower of your blog.

    I walked last year from St. Jean and simply felt I could do without all the mountain climbing at the very beginning. Kind of like, been there, done that! So I arbitrarily picked Logrono as this year’s starting place.

    Oh, the plains will come soon enough for you two. For me the hike got easier after the descent from Alto de Perdon. Before you know it you will be on the meseta. Enjoy every moment on all the different types of terrain you will encounter.

    When completed, the Camino will most likely become the best experience of your lives!

    Great post, I’m enjoying every one of them.

    Ultreia y Vaya con Dios Amigos!

  2. Hey Lynda,
    I admire your gumption to take on such a trek. Reading your journal each day makes me wish I could just sit on your shoulder & view the sights. Lol Trying to walk it is impossible for me & Jerry. Too many basketball injuries & surgeries. I’ll just do it by proxy!
    I look forward to seeing some of your pictures. Jerry & I are planning a trip to Seattle next year so I can see all of them & meet Dale.
    Take care from your cuz,
    Debbie Smith Loftice

    • Hey Debbie,
      At times I question if we are physically able to do this as well. My hips and feet are not good. We have resorted to a bus and taxi a few times between some towns, usually due to an accident or my five days of diarrhea. This is a LONG walk. We are still having a great time, meeting lots of new people and seeing some that we have lost and refound.
      PS You did meet Dale when you came to the Atlanta airport when we were between planes going on a cruise. That was about 1987 or so.

  3. Hey Lynda –

    you guys sound like you’re having a terrific time!

    Isn’t Puente la Reina beautiful? You may not have had time but before leaving, see if you can get to the church. Very old, of course, and very atmospheric.

    Also I had the best apple sidre in Puente – in a small pub just off the main square as you walk towards the bridge.

    Are there many people out on the track? Is it very crowded, and if so, does it cause you problems getting accommodation etc?


  4. Glad to hear you are still enjoying yourselves. Hunter ask every other day can I call grandma and grandpa I keep telling him not yet~ jordan informs me when you update if I hadn’t told them you wrote. It’s nice to see you have people you are walking with here and there its fun to read your adventure

  5. Thank You so much for the post card ! I really look forward to reading the Daily adventures on your Blog. Sounds like the Albergue’s you havebeen staying in are nice ( except for the bed bug one ) however you didn’t stay in that one 🙂 hope you can figure out how to post pictures for we are all waiting ! Take Care

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