Day four/You won’t believe what Dale did!

Last night we stayed in Gerendiain at Corazon Puro. The best place by far. We had our own room and paella for dinner. We left at seven this morning along with Peggy from California. The moon was still out. We were still going up and down foothills and it got very hot today. I often wondered why some walked in Winter. I now know why – it is hot here in summer. We are walking very slow. Taking two days to do what the thirty year olds do in one. I am still very proud that we have walked over the Pyrenees Mts.  We did find out the camera still works although the viewing screen has some water. Pictures are fine. Dale is still very frustrated trying to get the pictures from camera to computer to blog.  Chromebooks are not as easy to work as we thought.

Peggy and I were sitting by the camino when a bicyclist stopped to chat. Ended up he was a priest from Argentina and blessed us. Did not look like a priest at all.

My feet are still hurting but no blisters. Today my husband decided he would carry both our packs. For the last two miles up and down mountains he had his pack on his back and mine on his front side. He is the best husband ever!!!

We are now in Zubiri at the Zaldiko Auberge. 10 euros a night for bed and shower.

The river and bridge are beautiful.

Tomorrow we are leaving at six to beat the heat. We need to pick up the pace. Appears we follow the river so maybe flater.  We are heading for Pamplona but will probably stop short.


5 thoughts on “Day four/You won’t believe what Dale did!

  1. This is amazing!! Thank you for sharing your incredible adventure,. I look forward to all your posts..
    Keep up the good work you are an inspiration to all of us , sitting on our butts here in our small towns reading your blogs!!
    Xoxo Kelly Thomas

    • Walked 13 miles yesterday but not getting in as many miles a day as we thought we would by now. This is HARD. I thought there would be mountains the first two days and then easier but the whole thing is hard. We are loving it though

  2. Miss you guys sounds like a very fun trip so far love you Im looking forward to all your posts love you!!!

    Xoxox your granddaughter Jordan

  3. Only 24 more days and I will be following you!

    I can’t wait. Having done it last year, all the places you write about are flooding back memories to me.

    I’ve got a bad case of Camino envy!

    I too, will be blogging along the way.


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