Day three- Not much easier

Woke up this morning about 5:30 but didn’t get up and moving till about 7:30. Headed for Burgette for breakfast. Ran into our Australian friends just as they were finishing breakfast. For 7 euro we had a sort of torte with ham and cheese each and each a large coffee. Absolutely delicious. Then we started walking and missed the turn at the Santander bank. Only went about five blocks when a nice resident said to go back and left. After a couple hours we stopped for a picnic. I had brought a red and white checked plastic tablecloth. We had a baguette with a ham spread and water. Started getting hotter and hotter. The scenery is spectacular. If we were to stop today, I would be very proud of us. Crossing the Pyrenees Mountains is not easy. We have been keeping up with some of the people we started with but they arrive at 2:00 and we drag in at seven.We were supposed to go to Zubiri today (13.9 miles) but we had a little incident. I swear it had to be 90 degrees and I don’t do well in the heat. We were strolling along at about one mile an hour when we came upon a river going across the path where we were supposed to go. It was in the sun but the cold water felt refreshing to both of our feet. When we got up we walked across barefoot so we wouldn’t get our shoes wet. Just as I told Dale there was slippery moss, his feet went out from under him and most everything got wet. My camera may be done for. $400 ! We are going to work on it after dinner. Bye the way, Dale is okay. We then trudged thru the hills for about another half hour and came upon a lady, Peggy, sitting on the side of the path. We had met her a couple days earlier. She’s from California. She was hot, tired and nearly done for. Dale walked to the top of the hill and said he could see a town just up ahead. We called back to Peggy and told her to come there is a town. At the top of the hill Peggy and I sat in the shade on one of the infrequent benches while Dale walked into the town and got all three of us rooms. The town is Gerendiain and only 7.2 miles from Roncevalles where we stayed last night. It was 7.2 miles thru fairly gently hills but HOT!! Most of our group we will probably not see again. I still have uncomfortable feet, some knee pain and some hip pain constantly. Uphill is best, no hip pain and downhill is a killer. The place that we are staying is really nice. For 18 euros each (about $24) Dale and I are sharing a room, bath is down the hall, we get dinner and breakfast. We are very much enjoying our trip. The scenery is wonderful, the people we’ve met are very friendly and the food (minus that fish with his head still on) is superb. We have decided that since we want to finish the whole camino, we will be leaving the albergues just before sunrise to beat the heat. Going to dinner now and then try to fix the camera. If it doesn’t work , i’ll probably buy a cheap camera in Pamplona. Hopefully some pics tonight if atleast the chip works for those I have already taken.

5 thoughts on “Day three- Not much easier

  1. Lynda,

    Just remember to take it slow. The Camino is not a race.

    As for the descents, try criss crossing (zig zagging) across the path, walking the downhills that way puts so much less stress on your feet, hips and knees. (A little trick an older man showed me coming down from Alto de Perdon and it works!)

    Ultreia y Via con Dios!

  2. Wish the phone call was not cutting out so bad!?!? How many blisters so far? Are you hiking like out in the open like Eastern Washington? Safe Travels xo

    • That’s true. If it were in a waterproof bag, it would be okay. Dale had taken the camera away from me as I was taking to many pictures and he wanted to get going. He was carrying it in his hand. Hopefully when it all dries out on the inside it will still work.

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