First two days!!


I knew it would be tough but I never expected what we just did. The day before we left Saint Jean it was nearly 90 degrees. Too hot for me! As many have said the Way will provide. As we were getting hot and tired it started to sprinkle – just enough rain  to cool us off. With that came fog so when you do finally get to see my pictures you will see fog and not much else. The first day was really hard but everyone said the second day would  be easier. They lied.  About the third peak that I thought would be the last up would come another. We are slow. The first day was five hours in the fog and rain. Second day was wind and sun. Never got too hot, just a lot of steep inclines and the downhill is the worst. The scenery however was spectacular.

I originally wanted to have a theme or song for the day. Todays would have been Climb every Mountain and the Hills are alive with music.  We went over mountain after mountain and all were covered with sheep or cows. Many had bells that could be heard from a long distance.  Not many trees for most of the walk but hills and mountains covered with green grass. The scenery is spectacular. Jordan, I have several pictures of the wild horses for you. 

A miracle happened today. We took a sort of wrong turn today. It’s a dirt track with lots of rocks and is very steep. The other route is faster and less dangerous. About half way I was near tears and my feet hurt soooo bad. A gentleman from Holland that had passed us earlier as sitting on a log and invited us to sit. He asked me what hurt. When I said my foot bhe asked to see it. He removed my shoe and sock and for about fifteen minutes he held his hands over my leg and foot and very lightly touched one part of my foot. I was able to walk the rest of the way into Roncevalles without pain in the one foot.

We arrived about 6PM, checked into the albergue which is attached to the abbey, met up with some Australian friends we have made, had a pilgrims dinner and are now going to bed at about 8:30PM. The Pilgrims meal had some sort of soup, french fries, fish and ice cream.Due to the fish still having the head on , I could not eat it, so Jessie (from Australia) and I had pork. The meals have all been exceptionally good. Even if you ae fit and can make the whole 24.u kilometers from aint Jean to Roncevalles, I would reccomend doing it in two stages. An overnight in Orrisson is well worth the stop. The food exceptional and management goes out of their way to help you. 

As we walked we passed no one but about 180 passed us. The abbey albergue only has 183 spots. We were 181 and 182.  We have decided that we are going to do a short walk tomorrow and recooperate. Hoping to have the picture situation figured out tomorrow. We are having an absolutely wonderful time and would reccommend this trip to everyone. The food here is so much better than the mass produced food we have at home.

Battery almost gone. Will update tomorrow.

5 thoughts on “First two days!!

  1. WOW !!! Good for you guys !!! Sounds great so far, looking forward to the pictures !!! Pat and I leave Monday for Whistler, Canada. Don’t think I could walk up the Mt. so we will take the chair lift 🙂

  2. Hi Lynda – you guys made it! That stretch is the toughest. Although I hate to say it but there are a couple of doozies still to go, but they’re much later into the walk, and pull be fitter.

    I heard Orrison wa good,and the food was good. And it sounds like there’s a lot of people walking at the moment. But it also sounds like you and Dale have a sense of achievement for what you’ve done – as you should have!


  3. Lynda and Dale,

    Bravo!!! I thought I was going to die the second day into Roncesvalles. I never in a million years thought that climb would be as bad as it was.

    I walked, no I guess I should say climbed, about 10 feet and then had to stop to catch my breath. It was that way all the way to Col de Lepoeder (the top). But I took the paved road down from there and it was a breeze thankfully.

    Unfortunately for me the entire second day from Orisson to Roncevalles was in a thick mist, didn’t see any sights at all. I guess that was good for me, if I saw what I had to climb, I may have turned around. Buen Camino to you both!

    Ultreia y Vaya con Dios!

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