Night before we climb

It’s 5:30 Sunday night.We start walking tomorrow morning. Breakfast is at 6:30 am, then we walk, while it is sorta cool. It’s gotta be 90 degrees.
Last I posted we were on our way up to the Citadel for a picnic. Was totally fun. Last nights aubergue was good. Very clean and nice people. Have slept very good both nights. Bill, sharing a room tonight with some of your countrymen. A grandmother, grandfather, grandson and his uncle. Believe they are from Melbourne.
Two more observations:
1) There are lots of flies in summer in France.
2) France will keep the tobacco companies in business. Many smoke & ashtrays on tables in restaurants!!
I know you want pictures but we have a new Acer chromebook that we have not totally figured out yet. WI Fi is very limited in Saint Jean. We are at a bar Xilintxa (pronounced Shell in shaw -really).Dale did some emailing and I had a beer. I don’t drink much and its got to be 90 degrees so we aren’t getting it figured out on how to upload the pictures from the camera to “the cloud”. Jessie from Australia is giving Dale pointers so soon. They are staying at Orrison tomorrow too.
Today is the last day of the festival and the bands are numerous going up and down the streets playing. It is GREAT! Going to miss Saint Jean. It is beautiful here and the peploe have been very warm and friendly.
I have my first blister! Took care of it this morning and hopefully will be good. Also my feet are so swollen I can hardly get my shoes on. Normally very boney skinny ankles but I can’t even see ankles anymore.
Bill, I have some window shots and doors but nothing that rivals your blue door. Will keep trying and hope to have the picture/camera/chromebook thing figured out soon.
Leaving now to put my grandson Hunter’s rock at the beginning of the walk. That should lighten the pack by 1 ounce!!
Lynda and Dale

3 thoughts on “Night before we climb

  1. Sounds like you are having a Great time !!! Take care of the feet for they are you’re Transportation !!!!!!!!!! Look forward to pictures ,when you get it figured out !!!

  2. Lynda, probably by the time you read this you will be well on your way. It sounds like St. Jean was a gorgeous stop for you both, and you had a much needed rest.

    If you’re reading this BEFORE you set off on your first day, GOOD LUCK! If you’re reading it at the END of your first day, CONGRATULATIONS!


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