Iceland Update

We are still in Iceland. Original plan was to be in Iceland for 18 hours between planes and do some nearby sightseeing including the Blue Lagoon. However in Seattle the ticketing person sid that because we would be arriving in Iceland on the 13th and flying out one hour into the 14th, we had to claim our backpacks in Iceland and could not recheck them in until 10PM tonight. We thought okay we’ll just put them in a locker and go sightseeing. Wrong. I guess since 911 the airports don’t have lockers and they don’t have the space to keep your luggage for the day. We both have a pack and a small carry on that will be used until we get to Saint Jean Pied de Port. We decided since it was cold outside, raining, foggy and very windy that we would just stay at the airport rather than lug the packs around. That might have been a mistake as in the area before security (which we can’t go thru until 10PM) there is only one small coffee shop. We’ve already had about eight cups of coffee and we still have almost four hours before we can go thru security where all the other restaurants are. Was hoping to see some of Iceland but from the airport it is so foggy you can only see about 100 yards.

PS: This is my first time blogging and I haven’t figured out all the site features yet. From what I can see on the site, there is a little balloon up at the top with a number in it. It appears that to leave a comment you can click that and then leave a comment below.

5 thoughts on “Iceland Update

  1. Hi Lynda, what a horrible torturous way to start your journey!

    What’s there in Iceland that’s worth anything to a terrorist for goodness sakes!

    Good thing though is that your blog is working fine!

    I hope the wait goes quickly for you!


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