Welcome to our Camino Adventure

Welcome to our first blogging endeavor. Dale and I watched the movie “The Way” last November and knew right away that we wanted to walk “The Camino”. The movie stars Martin Sheen and Emilio Estevez. In the film, the son played by Emilio dies while walking a Pilgrimage in Spain and the father portrayed by Martin Sheen decides to walk the Camino de Santiago to complete his sons walk. Many adventures ensue. Very good movie (can be rented on Netflix).

The Camino de Santiago is a religious Pilgrimage that has been walked by people of all faiths and non believers for centuries. There are many routes throughout Europe all culminating in Santiago where the remains of Saint James are purportedly buried.

The route Dale and I are walking is the Camino Frances (from France, over the Pyrenees Mts and across the top of Spain to Santiago. This is also known as The Way of St James.

Modern day Pilgrims usually cover the 500 miles in about 32 days. We (I) don’t walk so fast (feet, knees & hips) and we have 60 days. Most walk about 15 miles a day, eat from a Pilgrim’s menu, stay in an albergue (hostel) in a bunk bed along with 30 others (all snoring) and then do it again the next day and about 30 more! Sounds like fun Huh!

As Pilgrims we have a Pilgrims Credential which is called a passport. We will be getting a stamp (cello) at albergues, and cafes along the way and will receive a compostella  (certificate) for our efforts in Santiago.

We leave tomorrow Tuesday, August 13th at 4:35 PM Pacific Daylight time to start our adventure. We’re flying on Iceland Air with an 18 hour layover in Iceland and arrive in Paris on Thursday morning. From there we’ll be taking several trains and arrive in Saint Jean Pied de Port on Saturday. We’ll be posting pictures along the way with thoughts and descriptions of the day.

Hope you’ll follow us along the Way and give us some comments too!

Lynda and Dale

13 thoughts on “Welcome to our Camino Adventure

  1. Hi Lynda and Dale,

    I’ll be reading as you traverse the many mountains, plains and miles/kilometers from St. Jean to Santiago!

    My second Camino will begin on September 15th and I, too, will be blogging along the way.

    Ultreia y Buen Camino!

  2. Glad you were able to figure out how to blog. Welcome to the blogsphere. I’ll be following your progress on your Camino and hope to follow your footsteps next year.

    Buen Camino

  3. Mom & Dale I hope you have fun & safe travels! I will be living through you on this blog until one day I can experience it for myself. XO

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